The Woolstore is home to renowned brands such as Città, BoConcept, Palazzo Kitchens, Häfele, to name a few. Come shopping at this exciting destination—close to town but with ample parking.
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Our Stores

The Woolstore is home to some of the most renowned brands and whether you’re looking for designer homewares, German kitchens or Scandinavian furniture, the Woolstore will have something that will catch your eye.

Contemporary & Modern

When you get to the Woolstore, browse through some of the handcrafted jewellery made from raw silver and gold, walk amongst some German-designed kitchens or take a look at the latest seasonal homewares inspired by unique cultures.

Cushions, chairs and candles at Città
Dining table, chairs and lighting set up at BoConcept
Showroom kitchen set up at Häfele
Yellow and wood kitchen at Palazzo Kitchens
Table and chairs set up at BoConcept
Homewares setup at Città
Sofa, coffee table and lighting set up at BoConcept
Coffee table, sofa and cushion setup at Città
Jewellery displayed at Patina Jewellery
French products at Le Marché Français Deli

Café & Deli

Dine at the acclaimed Le Marché Français café, with traditional French dishes and continental ambience. The cafe is owned and operated by Veronique Sauzeau (formerly the Chef at The French Embassy in Wellington). Purchase fine raw milk cheeses and other speciality French foods from the Le Marché Deli.

Bon Appétit


The Woolstore is a great place to work in. Located in Thorndon Quay, the building is only a couple of minutes from the centre of town and on the main arterial route out of town. There are plenty of customer car parks available. The building contains 24 tenancies from 70m2 to 700m2.

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Spaces for Lease

Locate your business in the Woolstore Design Centre—a unique heritage building full of character. Become part of Wellington’s most vibrant business community.
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